Only a Phone Call Away
Artist Statement

How many times have you answered your telephone only to realise you have been accidentally phoned by a friend while their mobile was in their pocket?
Did you listen or hang up? What did you hear that you weren't meant to know? and did you ever tell them?

Only A Phone Call Away is audio voyeurism that gives you a sence of cinematic presence within the theatrical backdrop of an overheard telephone conversation. Audiences are asked to traspass amongst the personal spaces of Lydia Lunch, Nicole Blackman, Geordie Blake, Louis Campbell, Big Bren and Bernadette Louise herself.

Only A Phone Call Away is exactly that, the audience are given a local rate telephone number that they call to access the performance poetry.

The work was originally funded by Arts Council England - Grants for the Arts, debuting at Fierce! Festival 2007 and re-awakend for the INTIMACY Festival accross visceral and digital performance at Goldsmiths College in London. It is now in its third incarnation with Aksioma Production company breathing new life into the piece by extending it to include Slovenian Writers and Performers. Bernadette has been invited to exhibit Only A Phone Call Away as a part of the 'City of Women' Festival in Slovenia's Capital City, Ljubljana


Signed Limited Edition CDs are available.
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Limited Edition CDs are available. The tracks will be for purchase on Download sites in the near future.

Lydia Lunch

Bernadette Louise & Geordie Blake

Nicole Blackman

Louis Campbell

Bernadette Louise & Big Bren Higgins

Only a Phone Call Away

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Only a Phone Call Away © Bernadette Louise