What Goes On In This House, Stays In This House

Artist Statement

Taking a peep behind suburbia's twitching net curtains, in 'What Goes On In This House, Stays In This House' Bernadette Louise has constructed an elaborate multimedia narrative creating a domestic space that is both a place of comfort and a claustrophobic prison. Acting as writer, choreographer and performer herself, Bernadette places the audience in the role of peeping tom, provoking our voyeuristic curiosity as we witness uncomfortable secrets normally swept under the carpet.

What Goes on in ths House, Stays in this House is a multimedia live art installation. It encompasses large background video footage and a kitsch environment, creating a theatrical stage set for Bernadette to use as the platform for her live performance.

For an interview with Bernadette Louise and footage from the show visit www.fiercetv.co.uk and take a look at the FierceTV

Fierce Festival. 26th & 27th May 2008 at the Birmingham Hippodrome




What Goes on in this House Stays in this House

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