Zedd Geek Maggot Bingo
Photos: Nick Zedd
Nick Zedd Bleed
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Curated by Bernadette Louise.
Supported by Arts Council England, National Lottery GFA and VIVID.

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18 & 19 Feb 2012

A two day exhibition and a one-off night event based on extremes, sexuality and breaking down barriers by celebrating the New York Underground Movement of the late 80’s and all things relating to it!

The Cinema of Transgression sought to disavow themselves from the past and break free from any tradition, their work was about extreme expression and erasing boundaries.

Working within the realms of pleasure and disgust, passion and humour, The Cinema of Transgression took their work out of galleries and in to clubs, where the collaborative scene between film makers, performers and musicians became an accessible and influential one! The birth of projects between the massive musical/audio artists such as Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Foetus/JG Thirlwell, Henry Rollins to name just a few.

LL & RK Blow me away
Photo: Blown Away by Lydia Lunch & Richard Kern

Saturday 18th Feb 2012

6:30pm: Doors will open for a RARE opportunity to see a selction of Nick Zedd's repulsive and grotesque film work as well as a showing of the extremely sexualised and violently vulgar, Richard Kern & Lydia Lunch collaborations! COME, grab a drink, and be repulsed by the erotic, trashy underground goings on of 1980s New York.

8pm: Lydia Lunch will perform a spoken word piece based on her raw and sexually powerful book ‘Paradoxia – a predators diary’ and other New York era work, taking a look at her career starting with her influential band Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and collaborations with notorious No Wave scenesters such as Richard Kern, Foetus/JG Thirlwell and Sonic Youth.

9:30pm: The evening will continue to showcase a variety of intense Live, Video and Photographic works by artists who endeavour to carve out a new and extreme place for themselves in an otherwise safe and commonplace art world. Influenced by the emotive/dirty/no-budget/sex/death/music/art/noise of the Cinema of Transgression and No Wave scenes, the show takes place in the industrial settings of VIVID’s ‘Garage space’ with a suitably eclectic soundtrack by DJ Greg Bird.

Artists include: Joss Carter, Paula Davy, Emergent Behaviour, Evangelia Christakou, Yolanda de los Beuis, Isabelle Schiltz, Benjamin Fox, Bernadette Louise and Andrew Moscardo-Parker.

Sunday 19th Feb 2012

Free Entry
12:00 - 5pm - A day of films and art.
Nick Zedd headlines a day of experimental art with a film line-up encompassing his grotesque, political, sexualised, exaggerated sci-fi films including Geek Maggot Bingo, War is Menstrual Envy, They eat Scum and more.... As well as showcasing the film collaborations of Richard Kern and Lydia Lunch on a running programme, there is another chance to see the Live, Video and Photographic works by Joss Carter, Isabelle Schiltz, Bernadette Louise & Andrew Moscardo-Parker.

Tickets available HERE at TheTicketSellers.

For further information please contact Berni@BernadetteLouise.com or info@vivid.org.uk

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