Bernadette Louise

Mother Artist Writer Fighter

From the horses mouth

Idioms and Autism, saying it how it is.

[Ongoing project. I am particularly keen to work with females on the spectrum with this piece. Please get in touch for more info]

Throughout our lives, many autistic people who are so called ‘high functioning’ are masking their difficulties to appear more ‘neurotypical’, many of us, having not even known that we were/have/are doing it or maybe don’t even know what Neurotypical or Neurodiverse means/meant for most of our life. We use a mask to get through the day and blend in as best we can, (yes, even those of us like myself, who have been proud to be alternative and be in the limelight, have still been trying to fit in to a slot of some variety). It is only now, by speaking out about our true experiences can we shed the mask and share our versions of the world so that others can get to grips with the reality of Autism Spectrum Conditions. The ‘From the Horses mouth’ project uses the concept that Autistic people are not able to differentiate between an idiom and literal interpretation of a sentence, therefore is often a cause of confusion, or humour but actually, those of us who are on the spectrum, although some can often misuse sayings or, rely on stock phrases as a go-to to reinforce this ‘neurotypical’ stance, many of us are perfectly articulate and bamboozle people with our intellect 😉

Much like echolalia, i find that my use of stock phrases and idioms comes as unconsciously and can rear its head, more or less frequently as days/week/s go by depending on what situation i find myself. A language style that is very visual which for some of us, is the best type of language, no misunderstanding here when you can put a picture in your head of the point you’re trying to make…make sense? I know this isn’t how everyone works, and that is the beauty of this project, what does ‘from the horses mouth’ mean to you?

I’m not sure where this piece of work is taking me as i’m in the explorative stages still with loads of writing and research already under my belt, but i think this is where my interest in language, and spoken word will come together to form some kind of multidisciplinary audio/text piece. Lets wait and see shall we…