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  ACCUSED, An Autism Mother
2016 Art Exhibition
I get the urge to create and I destroy, I get the urge to love and the same usually happens. I do not control my emotions, I can not understand them. My artwork is like thrush, raw, scratchy and painful. I have a scarily accurate memory and use it as ammunition. I love and hate, I binge and purge.

Bernadette Louise 2009, but relevant all of the time.
  I am Bernadette Louise. I'm a Mother. I'm an Artist, a Writer and a Fighter.
I'm an advocate for Autism Spectrum Conditions and Pathological Demand Avoidance.

I use Creativity as a tool to tackle Social Injustice and use Art and Poetry to salve my soul, (I am also RabbitMom.Com). In my art I am brutally honest, with a firey tongue, i am proud of my creative career and that it has allowed me to explore my own ASD.





I use my  talents in my professional role to support the local SEND community. I write reports, website content, case studies and more. I work at a Strategic Level across the County of Worcestershire to inform change and equality.

My current artwork is taking a combined approach, using real life experiences, personal and SEND community stories, with a performative activism intention. I aim to raise awareness of Autism, and other invisible disabilities through some familiar and unusual imagery.