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About me


My name is Bernadette Louise. I have two passions in life which I am lucky enough to embrace.

I am an Artist. I have been self employed since 2006 and have had some amazing shows and I continue to work on this, alongside my other role as a Representative of Parent Carers (parents of children with SEN and Disabilities).

My two ‘jobs’ that I somehow manage to squeeze in alongside my own children, draw on a similar base interest, the world of hidden disabilities, Autism Spectrum Conditions, PDA and Mental Health. In one guise I create work from a place of honesty and personal experience, in another guise I consult on a variety of SEND issues in my Local Area. Both interconnected by being on the Spectrum myself and living with PDA in the home.

I have muddled through life as a misdiagnosis, and now (very late in the day!) I have been accurately recognised as having not only Autism, but a PDA profile. It makes sense of everything my past Artwork was exploring; where I thought the work was about mental health breakdowns, hormones, aggression and control, I understand it now to be about autistic ‘meltdowns’ and a lack of recognition and understanding of my own condition, physical, sensory and emotional challenges.

My other website ‘BreakfastTree’ is named after a big part of our Autism Journey, and as such it is my SEND page. For everything relating to SEND, Representative work, training etc please head on over there.

For my artwork, I hold two other sites including this one. I have a fiery tongue and write an honest, sometimes brutal account of parenting, partnering and being on the Autism Spectrum with Pathological Demand Avoidance. My multidisciplinary artwork can be of an extreme nature and not to everyone’s sensibilities, which is why I have my art here on and my writing on www.RabbitMom.Com

Here are some quotes about a few of my shows..
“A new talent that will illuminate the art world over the next decade… Bernadette Louise addresses contemporary issues of identity in thought-provoking and innovative ways”. 

“We’ve had the pleasure of telling you about Bernadette Louise before, with her phone call art and performance, she’s always worth checking out, always stimulating… Bernadette Louise explores themes of feminine control and lack of control…” 

“A true Artist”

“Only a Phone Call Away is an engaging, original piece that specifically addresses the relationship between physical and digital environments whilst foregrounding some everyday intimacies in a playful, intriguing manner…affective and provocative and provides unique encounters for audiences of Intimacy.” 
– INTIMACY: Across Visceral and Digital Performance at GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE.

bernadette louise artist