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Dissertation Poster

What are Parental experiences of Autism and false allegations of Fabricated & Induced Illness? A phenomenological study of intersecting factors.

Researcher: Bernadette Louise.

Supervisor: Dr Danielle Stephens-Lewis

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Study Room Guide:

One to One Performance

Contribution to this study guide. Interview about the digital intimacy event, ‘What Goes on in this house, stays in this house’ by Bernadette Louise.
One to One Performance offers a series of reflections on a number of performances created by artists for an ‘audience of one’. The guide includes a dialogue with Franko B, commentaries from sixteen artists in response to a series of questions, as well as a list of related materials in the Study Room. The Guide is available to view in our Study Room, or can be downloaded as a pdf.

Author: Rachel Zerihan, 2009 Available here


I am constantly working on stuff related to autism – it goes from services, education, health, housing, impact of failure to deliver or access. However, my biggest interest is the impact of false allegations of FII – Fabricated and Induced Illness on autistic women, and misdiagnosed women and girls. I have naturally been and still am a researcher in my art work. The two come together nicely as a naturally curious person, and someone keen to expose the real truths of people’s lives, and identities as autistic individuals. I use what ever knowledge i can get and want to portray this in whatever means is the most beneficial to the audience at the time. Now, my two passions are so connected that i cannot try to put a wedge between them. My health research and art are combined and i am committed to progressing this. I am considering options for a PhD, and if anyone would like to support the development of that work, please do get in touch with me for a chat.