Bernadette Louise

Mother Artist Writer Fighter


February 2012

‘Deathtripping’ curated by Bernadette Louise in collaboration with VIVID’s ‘Garage presents…’ programme. 
Featuring Lydia Lunch, Richard Kern and Nick Zedd

A two day/one-off night event based on extremes, sexuality and breaking down barriers by celebrating the Cinema of Transgression and NO WAVE 
scenes of 1980’s NYC.

‘Deathtripping’ was a two day exhibition and a one-off night event based on extremes, sexuality and breaking down barriers by celebrating the New York Underground Movement of the late 80’s and all things relating to it!

The Cinema of Transgression sought to disavow themselves from the past and break free from any tradition, their work was about extreme expression and erasing boundaries. Working within the realms of pleasure and disgust, Lunch, Kern & Zedd included passion and humor in their work and by taking it out of galleries and in to clubs, the collaborative scene between film makers, performers and musicians became an accessible and influential one (collaborations with the massive musical/audio artists such as Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Foetus/JG Thirlwell, Henry Rollins to name just a few).

The event ‘Deathtripping’ brought fresh artists and new work against a backdrop of the forerunners of the influential Scene in the fantastic ‘Garage’ space provided by the multi-disciplinary organization VIVID. The two days exhibited film, live and installation artwork and the Saturday evening/Night event was a spoken word performance by the fabulous Lydia Lunch followed by a night of live art and noisy music.

More images of the event to be uploaded soon, i’m refreshing my page.