Bernadette Louise

Mother Artist Writer Fighter

Petticoat Nightmares (explicit content)

Petticoat Nightmares – Multidisciplinary (installation/performance)
Premiered at ACT ART 8 on 9th July 2010
Islington Metal Works, LONDON

With further showings at Cultivate Gallery Vyner Street, London 2011.

By constructing a backdrop suggestive of the maternal/home environment and emphasising the brutal female body as a confine, I depict what really goes on behind closed doors, within our minds and beneath our skin. A human reaction to feeling penned in, whether that trap is a kitchen, a body or an emotional state of restriction and manipulation. The repetitive but necessary torture of housework and gynaecology are key issues in this installation, important points in mine and many others lives.

“I use personal experience and commonplace imagery to connect with audiences, about honest and often taboo subject matter. I feel a need to acknowledge the differences and restrictions our bodies can have on us; a desire that will never manifest itself in anything other than an artwork.

The Violence of Colposcopy, hormones and the dangers of the kitchen seem to go against everything a loving family home should be. The Harshness of the cold metal speculums, against the soft, brightly coloured Marigold gloves, knowing that each material has at some point found its way in to a fleshy mass of female form. The invasion of a cervix or the gutting of a chicken, we all began as an egg, a violated petticoat, an egg that grew and has been an endless hormonal nightmare since the day it was laid.”

Versions of these background/set images are available for sale. The photographic element of this was exhibited at Cultivate Vyner Street, London. Shown in gallery below alongside my other work OestroXenOestrogen.