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updated art bio

About my art career: I am a multidisciplinary artist, working across live art, installation, photography, sculptural/collage, and sound/video. I have always made work that represents life experiences, no matter how personal and painful. The work often takes the form of a visceral delving in to the domestic, medical and social realms.  I spent my art […]

Ruby Red

Exhibition and Magazine https://www.collectartwork.org/post/rubyred I am very pleased to be involved with this project and was interviewed for this magazine. An eclectic collection of art works, all with the theme Ruby Red. Of course, i take the brief quite literally and i have the ruby-bloodiness of my own emotion expressed on vintage wallpaper. There is […]

We are the witches exhibition!

In Chipping Campden, UK This exhibition will feature 3 new art works, a fresh insight in to the Accused project previously made. The work highlights that once accused of something as significant as FII, that it is impossible to walk away from it. Revisiting this work in a new style 7/8 years later, emphasises that […]

Accused 2023 (Keep Fighting)

NEW REPORT IN TO FII BY CEREBRA AND LEEDS UNIVERSITY Fabricated & Induced Illness is the latest patriarchal institutional tactic, in a long line of historic and contemporary witch hunts against women, others & now, Mothers. Parental Blame is the Stick they beat us with, FII is the rope they hang us with. Bernadette Louise […]

new work…

one small piece at a time… Whilst awaiting reprints of my original ‘Yesterday i was pregnant’ photos, i felt a new creativity had been ignited in me. The easiest way to make art for me, apart from writing, is to scratch some shit up. So i decided to do some mono-prints, to varying degrees of […]

My Interior Scroll

Blog/Updates/Info Here i will be posting a variety of things that might be of interest. These blogs will cover the areas of my work, sometimes individually, sometimes they will over lap. Autism, Art, Research, Life. It is inevitable that at times, i will just be ranting, whilst others, i will share valuable knowledge that might […]