updated art bio

About my art career: I am a multidisciplinary artist, working across live art, installation, photography, sculptural/collage, and sound/video. I have always made work that represents life experiences, no matter how personal and painful. The work often takes the form of a visceral delving in to the domestic, medical and social realms. 

I spent my art education split between working for Arts organisations, and attempting to retain interest in the ‘proper’ route of University. I have a BA Hons in Fine Art, and a MSc in Psychology, as well as a whole lot of other knowledge around the body as a vessel and how we inhabit it.

I am particularly interested in the intersectionality of women/mothers, autism and mental health as well as socio-economic differences. As a late diagnosed Autistic woman, I am very conscious how labels can change how we present to others and how we feel about ourselves. I also explore the perceptions and repercussions that the wrong labels can have on us, and what this means. I make art about that, and the day-to-day scenarios we face as an entirely autistic family, trudging through the quagmire of malevolent and oppressive systems created by local and national governments created to keep us in our ‘place’. 

I have been an Artist for the whole of my adult life and I have been creating artworks and projects sporadically over the course of those 20+ years, factoring in the many barriers i faced as a result of my miss & missed-diagnoses. Before taking a ‘parenting hiatus’ from the art world to focus on the many faults with Health, Social Care and Education, I was  fortunate enough to receive Arts Council England grants several times, and work with some of the most influential artists in the scene. 

I was programmed at shows Fierce Festivals 2003 – 2008, The Barbican ‘Surreal House’, Act Art, and Visions of Excess. I worked on projects with the amazing Ron Athey and Lydia Lunch. I assisted and performed for Nicole Blackman, and L. Gabrielle Penabaz and met many other performance greats along the way. I shared billing with trailblazers like Kembra Pfahler, Marissa Carnesky and Kira O’Reily, and produced shows, such as ‘Deathtripping’ at Vivid Projects with work from Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch and Richard Kern. I also had many performances and exhibitions solely in my own name, such as, ‘EostroxenEostrogen’, ‘Petticoat Nightmares’ and ‘Accused’ during which time I  never stopped fighting the internal battle, and one way or another, it still pours out of me through creativity.  

I am really proud of the work I achieved then and how it has led me to be the most transparent and eclectic version of my creative self that i can be. Something has shifted in me in recent months, and things artistically are falling back in to place.

I am looking to get a permanent space to work and show other’s works too, I’d like to work collaboratively with with like-minded people and bring together our talents as well as reforge my own path in the direction I am supposed to be on. 

I am based in Worcestershire, England. I would be pleased to hear of opportunities both locally and internationally and be contacted by potential collaborators, organisations and patrons t about supporting and creating together.